The inspiring leaders highlighted here share an engaged contemplative lifestyle, and each with a unique twist on the faith filled mystic tradition. While they uphold mysticism, all are involved in the issues of the world and their faith communities. They believe in the power of prayer and inspire many.
By sharing these messages, my hope is that you, too, are inspired.
-Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw, Jr.


Barbara A. Holmes is a spiritual teacher, activist and scholar who stresses African American spirituality, mysticism, cosmology and culture. She has served as President Emerita of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and served as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Memphis Theological Seminary. Prior to accepting the call to the ministry, she worked as an early childhood educator, a professional actor, and a corporate lawyer in Georgia, Florida and Texas. A gifted and profound speaker and lecturer, she says, “My life is committed to the struggle for justice, the healing of the human spirit, and the art of relevant radical creativity.”

 November 22, 2020

During Pentecost, missional activity is a natural outgrowth of sacred empowerment. In our own context missional activity often includes an overriding denominational and political agenda… It erupts out of the contemplative unity of the gathered community. From the realm of multiple realities, the Spirit storms the upper room and disrupts the probability of institutional dysfunction that is certain to follow Christ’s leave-taking. Instead the disciples are left with flaming tongues and a burning message. Is there a Pentecost for our generation that will free us from the structures and vain assumptions that bind us?

Joy Unspeakable


Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972), a descendant of two important Hasidic dynasties, was born in Warsaw, educated in Poland, taught in Germany, London and United States, and was considered by many to be a prophet’s prophet. He aimed, through his writing and teaching, to challenge modern people to be open to a renewed spiritual dimension and to engage the issues of the day with faith and moral fortitude. His timely writings liberated many and inspired a generation of faith and social leaders whose impact is felt today in the 2 st century. His active role in the historic civil rights movement and peace movement of the 20th century created a unique and vital coalition for transformative social change agents.

Mankind’s Greatest Privilege – 11/22/20

The Bible is mankind’s greatest privilege.

It is so far off and so direct in its demands and full of compassion in its understanding. No other book so loves and respects the life of man. No loftier songs about his misery and hope have ever been expressed, and nowhere has man’s need for guidance and the certainty of his ultimate redemption been so keenly conceived. It has the words that startle the guilty and the promise that upholds the forlorn. And he who seeks a language in which to utter his deepest concern, to pray, will find it in the Bible.

I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology

Abraham Joshua Heschel,
Edited by Samuel H. Dresner