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Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan is a Professor of Religion at Shaw University Divinity School, Raleigh, NC, and an Ordained Elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Known for her 6 P’s as: professor, preacher, priest, prophet, poet, and performer, Kirk-Duggan is author of over 20 books, including Violence and Theology, her edited The Sky is Crying: Racism, Classism, and Natural Disaster, both Abingdon, 2006; and Wake Up: Hip Hop, Christianity, & the Black Church.

Dr. Kirk-Duggan’s current research includes: theology; justice; violence and religion; music; ethics; humor; the Bible and culture; Womanist and feminist studies; faith, spirituality, and health; women’s religious and leadership experience; pedagogy; rage, grief, and transformation; gender theory; sexuality, and popular media as a praxeology for constructive and narrative theology. Currently, she is working on a systematic theology, a commentary on Joshua and Judges, and a volume of poetry.


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